Thursday, May 15, 2008


I just created an account on here, to share my favorite photos and show recently available stock photography on my site, as well as the stock sites that I'm affiliated with.

First, a brief introduction. My name is Adam Romanowicz, I'm a photographer in the Chicago area. I've been shooting since about 1999, mostly documenting my adventures and travels. My images have been available as prints and stock on my website (3scape Photos)for several years, but I recently also joined a few stock houses for additional opportunities. My images are available through,, and I also occasionally have fine art prints showing in local galleries.

Stay tuned, I'm excited to join the blogging world (somewhat late). As a starter, here is a photo to get some color on this squeaky clean blog!

License this image directly from 3scape Photos
© 2008 Adam Romanowicz, All Rights Reserved.

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